Without customer feedback we will not be able to meet customer needs and may fail in our core value of treating customers fairly.

Below are a selection of testimonials given by a number of customers.

One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our aim to also treat agents and staff fairly we use workshops and meetings to do so.

Our Customers’ Testimonials…

"I am happy with the products I receive from CLC. I am also happy with the agent."

Maureen, Rotherham

"I have no problems with this company like I have had with other companies in the past. I find them professional, trustworthy and reliable."

Janice , Sheffield

"CLC – simply the best. Great company to be with."

Julie, Rotherham

"Jackie, my agent, is always a pleasure to see and the service she provides gives me a stress free Christmas and if I need anything she is always there. Jackie is an extension of my family."

Francis, Newark

"I am completely happy with the services I receive from CLC Finance, we feel like our agent is part of the family and are always assured that if we are in financial difficulties CLC are only a phone call away to help without making my finances worse."

Michael, Rotherham

"I have traded with CLC for over three years and I always find them very efficient. The agent I have is very good and always friendly."

Amanda , Sheffield

"The service is excellent and I found the office staff and the agent to be very friendly and helpful."

Glenn, Woodhouse

"Denise, my agent, has looked after me for the last 6 years. I am very pleased with the services CLC Finance have provided."

Mrs Bassett , Allerton Bywater

"Since joining CLC I have found them to be very good and provide excellent service. The agents are very polite and friendly and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Lisa, Beighton, Sheffield

"I always know that I can rely on CLC for my holiday money and always find them to be friendly and helpful."

Anthea, Mansfield

We believe we treat our customers fairly and reward them if they refer a friend/relative/contact to us who takes out a loan.